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Each party is responsible for the strict implementation of all the prescribed terms throughout the period of cooperation. The Terms come into force from the moment of their publication in this section, they can be changed, adjusted, or supplemented by the administrators of IDMINERZ LTD at any moment without any additional notification to representatives of the platform.

Representative Accolades To Any Applicant That Meets Our Investment Portfolio Requirements.

The main Terms and Conditions regulating the process of cooperation between IDMINERZ LTD and its Affiliate/Regional Representatives are specified in this section below.


  1. 1. IDMinerz will provide agents who will visit your country for innovation at least twice a year.

  2. 2. IDMinerz will provide a free visa to the annual conference once you meet the requirements as a regional representative.

  3. 3. IDMinerz offers a health insurance scheme for a period of 10 years.

  4. 4. IDMinerz will provide scholarship scheme for investors with at least one child.

  5. 5. IDMinerz offers a one month vacation visa to any country of your choice and a free ticket to our headquarters.

  6. 6. All the representative are entitled to take loan.

  7. 7. IDMinerz will also give you a 2020/2021 brand new car for your representative promotion in your country.

  8. 8. IDMinerz will include the investor's opinion on the company's decision-making process.

  9. 9. As a regional representative, you have to be able to have a deposit of $10,000 or more in the company, and an ATM card that can allow you to make ATM withdrawals in your local currency and also buy Bitcoin and other crypto currencies at the ATM in your local currency. Furthermore, a weekly allowance of $2000 will be entitled to your account associated with the provided wallet address upon enrollment.

Affiliates We're Looking For

  • 1. Personal finance and crypto content publishers

  • 2. Content creators and influencers with audiences interested in crypto, personal finance, and investing

  • 3. Sub-affiliate networks that are willing to share publisher sites and apps

4. We require pre-approval of sites and apps before joining the affiliate program

Please note that the following applications will be declined:

  • i. Partner Type "Offline" or "Other" with no additional context
  • ii. Private social media accounts
  • iii. Inactive sites
  • iv. Irrelevant contents

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Important Notice:
Multiple accounts are not allowed! No investor should pay for any charge or fee asked by his/her sponsor.

kindly contact info@idminerz.com for any further information, assistance, or complaint.

This agreement is made between you(as a member) and the platform(IDMinerz Ltd).

Using the services of the site IDMinerz, you agree that you have read and accepted all the conditions described in this agreement, as well as familiarized with our Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree with this agreement, immediately stop using the services of the platform IDMinerz.

By proceeding with the application at IDMinerz, you consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement.

If you have any related questions, you can always contact our support team.

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